Tummy Tuck

What is Tummy Tuck?

Tummy Tuck is the more common name given to abdominoplasty, which is a cosmetic procedure to tighten up muscles in the abdomen (stomach area), as well as removing and/or repositioning excess skin and fat.

Why women choose Tummy Tuck?

Why women choose Tummy Tuck?

Women who became a mother or have lost a considerable amount of weight will likely have surplus skin in this area of the body, as well as scarring, which can affect self-esteem. Eradicating those issues can instil confidence in the patient, as it gives them an appealing contour.

Why women choose Tummy Tuck?
Tummy Tuck operation

Tummy Tuck operation

  • It will take place at the internationally accredited Luxury Private Hospital
  • It will be performed under general anaesthesia
  • The approximate time of the operation is around 4 hours
  • You will be required to stay in Istanbul for a total of 9 nights
  • Patient will stay 2 nights in the hospital after the operation.
Tummy Tuck operation
Procedure details: Tummy Tuck

Procedure details: Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is essentially the removal of extra skin and fat from the stomach. Since many individuals also have excess fat at the same time, it is typically necessary to replace it with liposuction.

If the stomach muscles have moved away from the mid-line and deviated from each other owing to conception or overweight, the stomach muscles may be compressed and the waistline may be thinned to some degree during this process.

When there is too much sagging in the abdomen, rashes and bad smell may occur under the skin fold. Constipation is a common problem in people with abdominal muscles dissociated. If there is a very heavy sagging in the abdomen, it may overload the spine and cause a hernia. Abdominal stretching surgery can overcome these problems.

In general, there are different techniques such as mini tummy tuck, full tummy tuck, 360-degree tummy tuck and various variations. It is performed only if there is excess skin in the bottom of the belly button in mini abdominal stretching. If there is a sagging in the upper part of the belly button, full abdominal stretching is performed. If the excess skin continues towards the back of the waist, 360-degree abdominal stretching is performed. Abdominal stretching surgery is mostly combined with liposuction of the abdomen and lumbar region.

Procedure details: Tummy Tuck

How to prepare for Tummy Tuck?

You have a dedicated team of patient advisors, nurses, and your surgeon to support you throughout the entire journey, and after it. However, Tummy Tuck is a surgery that demands you to take several steps to help ensure that your treatment goes as smoothly as possible. Avoiding some points can help you recover faster, and also minimize the risk of complications.

3 Weeks Before

3 Weeks Before

At the initial stage, it is necessary for you to update the surgeon on all existing and previously prescribed medications.


Smoking is strictly prohibited, including all types of tobacco products and even e-cigarettes. Smoking can cause potential issues with how a patient recovers, and increases risk of post-surgery complications.

1 Weeks Before

1 Week Before

Please abstain from herbal teas and supplementation.


Blood thinning medications such as aspirin, coraspin, ecopirin, coumadin, and clexan should no longer be taken.


Do not use any painkillers, unless they have paracetamol included. If you must use it, inform the surgeon. 

Last Night Before

Last Night Before

You must not eat any food or drink any type of beverage (including water), at least 8 hours prior to your surgery. Chewing gum is also not permitted.


Please take a bath or shower the night before your surgery, and/or in the morning of surgery.

Surgery Day

Surgery Day

Contact lenses must be removed, makeup should not be used and jewelry shall not be worn.


For a tummy tuck operation, we advise strongly to wear comfortable clothes, and if possible, a buttoned shirt for the surgeon’s convenience.

After the Tummy Tuck

Your Tummy Tuck will be carried out with the utmost care by your surgeon and you can be sure that the same standard of care will continue during the regular post operative checks to ensure a smooth recovery.

Pregnancy is not permitted within the first 1 year following surgery. You will need to wear an abdominal corset for 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the post-operative situation. Any discomfort may be anticipated in the following few days, which can be managed with oral painkillers. Nonetheless, the actions and daily activities may be significantly reduced for a week depending on the circumstances.

Rhinoplasty FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions of Tummy Tuck

  • 01 Why would I want a Tummy Tuck? Sagging in the abdomen is a common problem due to weight loss and pregnancy. It is not possible to solve this problem by exercising or any other way without surgery.
  • 02 Is Tummy Tuck OK for me? Individuals who are older than 18 years of age who are not overweight or obese, or in the phase of gaining or losing weight within the last year, and who do not intend to give birth for at least 1 year are suitable for surgery.
  • 03 What is involved in Tummy Tuck? Abdominal skin and excess fat is removed surgically. The abdominal muscles that are separated from each other, if any, are joined in the middle line. If full abdominal stretching is performed, a new belly button is created. The suture line is also positioned in under bikini area.
  • 04 What are the risks? This surgery has no risk beyond standard surgical procedures, although it has a slightly higher amount of risk on overweight people. The risk of postoperative wound dehiscence is higher in smokers.
  • 01 Will I have pain after the Tummy Tuck? Moderate to severe pain is expected after surgery, especially when moving. The first two days are checked by intravenous pain relievers.
  • 02 When will the Doctor be checking up on me? Your doctor will be checking you on the 1st, 2nd and 7th day after your surgery.
  • 03 How long am I going to need to take off work? You will be required to take 7 to 10 days off work depending on the operation. Also, if you have more laborious jobs, you may need to take some extra days off.
  • 04 How long does it take for me to recover completely? After 10 days you can return to office-style jobs. Following 1 month after the surgery, the corset can be removed. Then, after 6 weeks, you can exercise your abdominal muscles.
  • 05 Will I be left with scars after the operation? There will be a scar in under the bikini will remain in a horizontally extending track. Within 1 year this scar will become less visible.
  • 01 How many days will I stay in Istanbul? You will be required to stay in Istanbul for nine nights.
  • 02 Does the price include everything? All the operation procedures, accommodation, airport concierge, dedicated patient coordinator, and transfers is included in the priced, but you will need to purchase flights to Istanbul.


Tummy Tuck Duration Of Stay Price