Plastic surgery in Turkey

Plastic surgery in Turkey

After serving hundreds of patients, Revital Clinical has crafted the perfect and straightforward way to offer the patients the ultimate service.

Patients of Revital Clinical have come from all corners of the globe, such as Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, and many more!

We give a digital consultation before surgery as well as extensive concierge plastic surgery facilities to please our patient.

Below you will find information explaining the standard protocol leading
to your surgical day and beyond.

The very first and essential step is to contact us by completing a free consultation form. Please submit recent photos that have been optimized to suit the views featured in our photo gallery for your preferred procedure(s). It usually consists of a front view, side views, and a below look.

Our Patient Coordinator will help you set up a telephone consultation with your surgeon. We can also set up video consultations for a small fee. During the telephone consultation, you will be able to discuss your concerns to give your surgeon a better understanding of what your operational objectives are. Although phone calls are highly recommended, we have found email to function well with our patients, too.

As our commitment, you will have your consultation aligned with our core values:

Empathy. Our patients come first, always. Your needs will be evaluated by your surgeon carefully. We know that no two patients are the same, nor do we expect any two treatments to be the same. Each patient is referred to the senior expert in their elective procedure for a consultation; it may be that you are advised a particular treatment, which is not the right path to take, and you will be advised not to proceed.

Integrity. We trust you will understand our experts’ decision is essential to both you, and to them, and that only appropriate treatment that is considered to have a vast likelihood of success will be undertaken. The majority of elective treatments are found to be fit and can proceed; however, it is essential to understand that is not always the case.

Trust. We will do our best for you to reach healthcare on time. All our pricing has a clear structure; in this pricing, there are no hidden costs, and every information is supplied about the possible surcharges. We will send you an information letter for every single operation. If you opt to have the surgery, the information letter turns into a confirmation letter that guarantees you the service.

Our Patient Assistant can help you plan your operation date, and post-operative appointments once you have decided to proceed with your operation. It is advised that you arrive one day before so that you can have a full rest prior to the surgery. Your confirmation letter will be shared to you after you booked your appointment date.

Please be prepared to get in contact with us 30-45 days in advance to reserve your surgery day you wish. Occasionally, we get last-minute cancellations, and we might be able to accommodate you sooner than this timeline.

We are eliminating barriers to make high-quality, straightforward, and private plastic surgery more accessible because exceptional care should be within reach for everyone.

During your journey in Istanbul, an English speaking patient coordinator will be assigned to you. Your coordinator will be assisting you with your needs about your operation. They will greet you at the airport on arrival and will take you to your hotel and also will take you to the hospital on the day of the surgery.

We guarantee that the services you are given will include everything from the procedure itself, to the cost of your overnight hospital stay, anesthesia, and blood tests. Before your operation, you always have a face to face consultation with your plastic surgeon in the hospital.

The operation will take place at the Luxury Private Hospital, which is an internationally accredited hospital with an abundance of top-class features and facilities.

The accommodation of your stay will be at a luxury hotel, with the exception of the operation day, where you will stay in the hospital overnight (the hotel room will still be at your disposal). This stay is included in your treatment price, and you will be provided with a deluxe room, bed-and-breakfast included, and free Wi-Fi.

Your post-operative recovery care starts right after the operation. All the professional nurses and your surgeon will check on you regularly. Based on your operation schedule, we advise our patients to stay in Istanbul for 3-9 days after surgery. On the last day of your visit, the surgeon will provide a final check before you prepare for the return flight home. Succeeding this, our team will follow up with you on a quarterly basis in the first year timeline in accordance with the surgeon instructions.

Any Questions?

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will be glad to answer any questions you may have.