Breast Lift

What is Breast Lift?

A Breast Lift is surgery to remove/reposition excess skin and breast tissue to reshape and elevate the breasts. The procedure, also referred to as mastopexy, doesn’t augment the size of the breasts, but instead focuses on making them firmer and raises the nipples towards a higher position.

Why women choose Breast Lift?

Why women choose Breast Lift?

The knock-on effects of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and aging can result in ‘droopy’ or saggy breasts that few women manage to avoid. This surgical procedure can invigorate the breasts and give the patient an enhanced self-image.

Why women choose Breast Lift?
Breast Lift Operation

Breast Lift Operation

  • It will take place at the internationally accredited Luxury Private Hospital
  • It will be performed under general anaesthesia
  • The approximate time of the operation is around 2-3 hours
  • You will be required to stay in Istanbul for a total of 6 nights
  • Patient will stay overnight in the hospital after the operation
Breast Lift Operation
Procedure details: Breast Lift

Procedure details: Breast Lift

Breastlift is a minimally bleeding and mild surgical procedure in which the sagging nipple and breast tissue are placed in the correct position where the excess skin is removed from the sagging breasts.

Drooping up to 2 cm, where the distance between the nipple and the underside of the nipple – where the breast tissue does not sag significantly – can be treated with dermatareolar mastopexy. In this case, only a round scar will remain around the nipple.

Vertical macstopexy can be applied in cases where the breast tissue and nipple hang more, but the distance between nipple and lower nipple is not prolonged. With this technique, a lollipop-like trace lying straight around the nipple remains.

Wise mastopexy is preferred in cases with sagging nipple tissue and prolonged distance between nipple and lower curvature. In this technique, there is a reverse t-shaped trace extending downward from the nipple and extending along the bottom of the nipple. We prefer central pedicle technique in patients with wise pattern, which protects nipple sensation and breastfeeding ability.

Procedure details: Breast Lift

How to prepare for Breast Lift?

You have a dedicated team of patient advisors, nurses, and your surgeon to support you throughout the entire journey, and after it. However, Breast Lift is a surgery that demands you to take several steps to help ensure that your treatment goes as smoothly as possible.   Avoiding some points can help you recover faster, and also minimize the risk of complications.

3 Weeks Before

3 Weeks Before

Please share all the information with your surgeon regarding medication you have been prescribed in the past, and any you are currently using.


Smoking has a detrimental impact on Breast Lift surgeries, and it is strictly prohibited for at least three weeks prior to surgery. It can weaken the recovery, and cause potential risks post-surgery. Tobacco products and e-cigarettes must also not be used, and should be avoided at all costs.


You must not have breastfed within the last six months, otherwise you cannot proceed with surgery.

1 Weeks Before

1 Week Before

Herbal teas and supplements are no longer permitted.


You must not take any blood thinning medication (coraspin, aspirin, ecopirin, coumadin, clexan) at least one week prior to surgery. 


One week leading up to your surgery, you may only take painkillers if they contain paracetamol. Please inform your surgeon if you are unsure, and they will advise the best course of action.

Last Night Before

Last Night Before

A breast lift requires anaesthesia, therefore eating and drinking is prohibited eight hours before the operation. Drinking water and chewing gum are also not permitted. Please make sure you have had refreshments before this time.


Taking a shower or bath is essential before a breast lift surgery, as the surgeon needs to make sure blood circulation is healthy. This can be done on the night before, or on the morning of surgery.

Surgery Day

Surgery Day

Please do not wear any contact lenses, accessories, or jewelry. Makeup is also not permitted.


We advise you wear clothes that are loose-fitting. Surgeon’s generally prefer shirts with buttons, although not essential.

After the Breast Lift

Your Breast Lift will be carried out with the utmost care by your surgeon and you can be sure that the same standard of care will continue during the regular post operative checks to ensure a smooth recovery.

For extra support and positioning of the breast a sports bra will be given to you. And all the necessary medication will be prescribed by your surgeon if you need.

Rhinoplasty FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions of Breast Lift

  • 01 Why would I want a Breast Lift? If you have saggy breasts that you are not content with, you may consider this surgery to have more beautifully shaped breasts to improve self-confidence.
  • 02 Is Breast Lift OK for me? Breast Lift is suitable for healthy women older than 18 years of age who have not breastfed for at least 6 months and/or your breast tissue is sagging more than you had desired.
  • 03 What is involved in the Breast Lift? Under general anesthesia, the excess skin is removed and the nipple and breast tissue are placed in the correct position. If necessary, a breast implant can be placed under or over the chest muscle.
  • 04 What's the risk? There is no significant risk other than standard surgical procedures.
  • 01 Will I have pain after the Breast Lift? Breast lift can have some mild discomfort, although some may not feel any pain.
  • 02 When will the Doctor be checking up on me? Your doctor will be checking you on the 1st and 5th day after your surgery.
  • 03 How long does it take for me to recover completely? You will resume to normal condition 1 month after surgery. It will take between 6 months and 1 year for the scars to return to a normal skin colour.
  • 04 Will I be left with scars after the operation? After the breast lift surgery, there will be a scar. Depending on the chosen technique, a round, lollipop or reverse t-shaped scar will remain around the nipple. Within 6 months to 1 year, these scars will turn to skin color and become less noticeable.
  • 01 Does the price include everything? All the operation procedures, accommodation, airport concierge, dedicated patient coordinator, and transfers is included in the priced, but you will need to purchase flights to Istanbul.
  • 02 How long am I going to need to take off work? 7 days.
  • 03 How many days will I stay in Istanbul? You will be required to stay in Istanbul for six nights.


Breast Lift Duration Of Stay Price