What is BBL?

BBL is a new approach of combining two cosmetic procedures (Liposuction + thigh lift) that removes unwanted persistent compartments of fat around the butt and too fill this excess but into the butt side and rear to give it a sexy shape.

Why women choose BBL?

Why women choose BBL?

BBL surgery both by reducing the volume around the butt and increasing the butt volume creates a very sudden and significant change. It requires a lot of time and effort to get such an effect with sports and diet.

Why women choose BBL?
BBL operation

BBL operation

  • It will take place at the internationally accredited Luxury Private Hospital
  • It will be performed under general anaesthesia
  • The approximate time of the operation is around 4 hours
  • You will be required to stay in Istanbul for a total of 9 nights
  • Patient will stay overnight in the hospital after the operation
BBL operation
Procedure details: BBL

Procedure details: BBL

BBL surgery is actually a liposuction and fat injection procedure. It is performed under general anesthesia. Fats around the butt (abdomen, buttocks) are drained and filled into the butt side pits and back projection. After the surgery, you should not lie on your back for 20 days and instead sit on a special BBL pillow.


This surgery can be done with a butt implant too. In this case, the cohesive silicone gel implants are placed in the gluteal muscle.


Three methods are surgically preferred to create a prominent butt volume: fat injection, filler injection and butt implant. The main shape of fat injection is to remove the fat around the butt and reveal the butt. This method gives very satisfactory results for people who already have butt volume but whose butt is not apparent due to the surrounding fat.


In filling injections, Teflon and water mixture fillings are most preferred. However, your surgeon does not prefer this method as it can cause an untreatable foreign body reactions in some people.


Implants are reliable foreign bodies, and they are the most suitable option for people who have too little fat to be liposuction and fat injection and especially need the butt to the back and not to the sides.

Procedure details: BBL

How to prepare for BBL?

You have a dedicated team of patient advisors, nurses, and your surgeon to support you throughout the entire journey, and after it. However, Rhinoplasty is a surgery that demands you to take several steps to help ensure that your treatment goes as smoothly as possible.   Avoiding some points can help you recover faster, and also minimize the risk of complications.

3 Weeks Before

3 Weeks Before

You must inform your surgeon about all current and previous prescriptions of medicines at this stage. 


Smoking is strictly prohibited due to its impact on the recovery time, and there is also a higher risk of there being post-surgical problems. All tobacco products and electronic cigarettes are also not permitted.


Please check whether you have any digestive system problems, and inform your surgeon about any issues you may have. 

1 Weeks Before

1 Week Before

Do not consume herbal teas or herbal supplements for this period, as they could potentially cause a bad reaction with anaeshesia medinces.


If you prescribed to blood thinning medication (such as coraspin, aspirin, ecopirin, coumadin, clexan), then they should no longer be taken within a week of your surgery. 


Painkillers must not be taken, unless they contain paracetamol. Please inform your surgeon if you are required to take them.


Healthy digestion is important for your surgery, so please check for any issues and inform your surgeon if that is the case.

Last Night Before

Last Night Before

Do not drink water, or any other type of beverage, for eight hours before surgery. You must not eat food, including chewing gums, too.


Showering is required at least once between the night before surgery, or on the morning of surgery.

Surgery Day

Surgery Day

We advise that you go to the toilet to empty your bowels for your own comfort.


Do not wear any makeup or contact lenses. Jewelry should also be removed prior to the operation if you have any on.


We recommend you bring clothes that are comfortable to wear, and fit you loosely. Buttoned shirts are preferred by surgeons, although not essential.

After the BBL

The procedure will be conducted under general anaesthesia. Post-liposuction discomfort is generally mild. This is because your surgeon dilates the fatty tissue with the solution and usually add local anaesthetics to the solution to extract the fat.

You will need to wear a garment or bandage on the liposuction region for 20 days. These special garments are typically not seen through the clothing, because they're very thin. You will also sit on the special pillow for 20 days.

Rhinoplasty FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions of BBL

  • 01 Why would I want BBL? This surgery creates a very sudden and obvious change both by reducing the volume around the butt and increasing the volume of the butt. It is impossible to get such an effect with exercising and change of diet.
  • 02 Is BBL OK for me? Suitable for ages over 18, who are not obese.
  • 03 What is involved in the operation? Regional fats around the butt are taken by liposuction. These fats are used to increase the volume of the butt. If necessary, the silicone can be placed inside the butt muscle.
  • 04 What is involved in the operation? Regional fats around the butt are taken by liposuction. These fats are used to increase the volume of the butt. If necessary, the silicone can be placed inside the butt muscle.
  • 01 Will I have pain after the BBL? The first four days there will be noticeable pain, especially when moving.
  • 02 How long does it take for me to recover completely? After 20 days, you can begin to lie down and sit normally. You can remove the corset after 1 month.
  • 03 Will I be left with scars after the operation? There is no scar in liposuction and fat injection. There is an incision between the butt folds in the implant and turns to the skin color after 6 months to 1 year.
  • 01 How many days will I stay in Istanbul? You will be required to stay in Istanbul for nine nights.
  • 02 How long am I going to need to take off work? For 20 days you will be required to sit on a special pillow. Therefore, if your work station is suitable for this kind of arrangement, then 10 days off work would be suitable.
  • 03 Does the price include everything? All the operation procedures, accommodation, airport concierge, dedicated patient coordinator, and transfers is included in the priced, but you will need to purchase flights to Istanbul.


BBL Duration Of Stay Price