Choosing A Plastic Surgery Provider in Turkey

Choosing A Plastic Surgery Provider in Turkey

If you are contemplating cosmetic surgery, we know it is potentially one of the most important decisions you are likely to make, so you need to be certain it is right for you.

We also know you want to be confident that once you have made this decision, you can deal with people you know and whom you can feel comfortable with.

Choosing A Plastic Surgery Provider in Turkey

We are the first and only service about Plastic Surgery in Turkey who has a Trustpilot subscription. It is a 3rd party review collection service, and we welcome all kinds of reviews because we trust our work, and want to improve where possible. That includes our results, and your experience before, during and after Istanbul. According to the ratings as of March 2020, 96% of our customers have rated us as ‘Excellent’ (5/5) and the other 4% as ‘Great’ (4/5). No other service provider in Turkey can match our quality and professionalism.

When you have your first point of contact with Revital Clinical, you will receive a consultation from the surgeon himself. The consultation outcome will be shared with you and we apply strict rules of patient privacy and policies to reach the highest standards.

The operation will take place at an internationally accredited hospital. The hotel provided with the package is within a two-minute walk of the hospital, thus making you feel increasingly secure during your stay.

You will be greeted at the airport, and warming welcome will last throughout your entire stay. Entering a new country can make you feel alone, and perhaps homesick, so it will be our team's job to help in any way possible, to make the whole process a lot smoother.

Communication is at the heart of Revital Clinical. The unquestionable advantage of clear communications is that people will never misunderstand your message. Our patients want to know how we can help them, but what the whole journey entails for them.

Having a Plastic Surgery in Turkey is entirely safe, as we adhere to have an international level of professionalism that will meet the standards for all of our patients.

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