Revital Clinical

Revital Clinical

Founded in 2019 in The Hague, Revital Clinical is a tech-enabled service specializing in Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplantation, and Dental Aesthetics.

Our mission is to make it a smooth all-round experience for all patients undergoing surgery, with your needs at the core of our interests.

To do this, we follow two main approaches:

All the operations are based in Istanbul, Turkey, where the world’s top surgeons can be afforded by a far wider public than those in either the EU, UK, or the US. Our hospitals and clinics are truly world-class and often bespoke, and we can guarantee our patients a life-changing opportunity at a competitive price.

By investing in the technology that helps to take the friction out of your journey, Revital Clinical seamlessly connects hundreds of patients with memorable experiences and a range of plastic surgery options.

Having a Plastic Surgery in Turkey is entirely safe, as we adhere to have an international level of professionalism that will meet the standards for all of our patients. Revital Clinical is offering our patients, initially those based in the EU, UK, USA, and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a comprehensive service that is uniquely tailored to individual requirements.

It includes a full service encompassing consultation, travel assistance, treatment, aftercare, and extended recovery options, along with a stay in our partner hotels based around Istanbul to aid a simple surgery on arrival.

Choosing A Plastic Surgery Provider in Turkey

Stress Free, Professional Service

We are making strides to improve our service quality every day.

Revitalclinical.com is available in 3 languages. No matter which operation you want to have, Revital Clinical makes it stress-free and supports you with exceptional customer service.