New Era of Plastic Surgery in Turkey: Revital Clinical

We set up Revital Clinical with Doctor Karaca in 2019. As co-founder of Revital Clinical, I can express some of the figures and our mentality towards our visions.

Prologue: On 22nd Jan 2019, Plastic Surgeon Mustafa Karaca announced the launch of Revital ClinicalHere are the key highlights of his speech. 


"Today, is the dawning of a new era.


The number of my international patients under my supervision is increasing. As the amount of international patients continues to rise, it is absolutely vital, that the quality of service and dedication should mirror it. Therefore, we are launching our new company, Revital Clinical, providing exceptional services for patients abroad.


Although I do my operations in Istanbul, most of my patients come from Europe. We have communicated with our patients about their needs, and tried to satisfy their demands. They insist on having RELIABILITY, CLEAR COMMUNICATION, and COMPETENCE. That is the reason why we have opened up our doors to the European Union. Our presence enables us to be able to engage to all our of patients, so – we welcome you.


Revital Clinical, based in the Netherlands, consists of a highly professional team that will provide pre-operative organisation and post-operative follow-up services to overseas patients.

You will be able to get an efficient service with high quality. Revital Clinical will be able to provide answers to all of your queries, organise your agenda and surgery procedure. For the aftercare, you will be thoroughly supported throughout the final part of the journey.


Please follow @revitalclinical to get updates and to be informed about my applications."


We set up Revital Clinical with Doctor Karaca in 2019. As co-founder of Revital Clinical, I can express some of the figures and our mentality towards our visions. As you know, the primary service of Revital Clinical is quality treatments of Plastic Surgery in Turkey. However, some readers may not be aware of the fact that our long term plan is to build a wider range of services, including more top quality plastic surgeries and other treatments. The motivation behind is because the overall purpose of Revital Clinical is to help accelerate the transition of plastic surgery from a luxury treatment into an affordable one. That is our primary focus, but not exclusive, as we have an eye on a viable solution to help people find the treatment that they require. I want to address the differences, the extra steps we take, for our visions to become a reality. Let's have a look. 


1. Reliability


Reliability is the most critical part of your journey, according to our experiences. We know your needs, that's the reason we crafted the perfect package for the entire plastic surgery journey. We can dissect the reliability into three categories; 


  • Before your trip to Istanbul

We are the first and only Plastic Surgery Provider in Turkey who has a Trustpilot subscription. It is a 3rd party review collection service, and we welcome all kinds of reviews because we trust our work, and want to improve where possible. That includes our results, and your experience before, during and after Istanbul. According to the ratings as of March 2020, 96% of our customers have rated us as ‘Excellent’ (5/5) and the other 4% as ‘Great’ (4/5). No other service provider in Turkey can match our quality and professionalism.


When you have your first point of contact with Revital Clinical, the you will receive a consultation from the surgeon himself. The consultation outcome will be shared with you and we apply strict rules of patient privacy and policies to reach the highest standards.


  • During your trip to Istanbul

We have a dedicated patient coordinator included in the package for our international patients, and I must stress the emphasis on the word ‘dedicated’. Our quality and professionalism cannot be matched by other companies. Firstly, your dedicated patient coordinator is trained to appropriately guide and host you, as well as speaking English at a professional level. You will be greeted at the airport, and warming welcome will last throughout your entire stay. Entering a new country can make you feel alone, and perhaps homesick, so it will be their job to help in any way possible, to make the whole process a lot smoother.  


When it comes to Mr. Karaca, he has an astounding pedigree, and is undoubtedly, one of the top surgeons in Istanbul. He is the surgeon with integrity, dedication and professionalism, which you will soon get to know straight from your face to face consultation with him. Once the surgery is completed, he will still show continuous care and support when required.  


Until your last stop - the airport for your flight back home - you will be in the safe hands of our team in Istanbul and Doctor Karaca.


  • After your trip to Istanbul

One of the most underestimated aspects of surgery is the recovery and aftercare period. We are proud of a modernized CRM system to help us keep connected with the patient. It is an efficient tool that can be altered for you to ensure that you updated with the required checks and appointments. It is a regulated and automatic process, so critically, nothing will be overlooked.


We arrange patient days in Europe, occurring regularly in the Netherlands and Italy, with the UK becoming our next key focus in 2020. We are always looking to expand our patient days to other countries, and that will quickly develop too.


2. Clear Communication

Communication is at the heart of Revital Clinical. The unquestionable advantage of clear communications is that people will never misunderstand your message. Our patients want to know how we can help them, but what the whole journey entails for them.

Our website is accessible in three different languages, and informs the patient in a structured and concise way. Our team has devoted a tremendous amount of time preparing the website to be as user-friendly as possible. We go that extra mile to provide exceptional content, and our site cannot be matched in that aspect.


An additional important feature we are committed to, is to send an informational letter when a patient’s consultation has finished. The letter will contain the necessary details regarding our package and services. Pricing and terms are always on sight, and there are no hidden fees.


3. Competence


Revital Clinical is designed to outperform a standard plastic surgery treatment in Europe, UK, GCC, or the USA – in a more affordable way. We understand this ambition is not easy to attain, but our commitment to providing an excellent and expert service is unmatched. Revital Clinical provides services that cost twice, or sometimes three times less than other companies in other countries, but the results are certainly equaled at least. Our experienced surgeon, Doctor Karaca, will meet the high standards that you, us, and himself set. All of our processes are crafted and managed effecitently, and are helped by a strong business partnership with stakeholders of the Revital Clinical business team.


Within Revital Clinical’s first year since being founded, we have already set the industry standards very high, and there can always be room for improvement and expansion. For that reason, I should state that Revital Clinical will be developing new products with new parties, which will be addressed at a later date.  


Let's keep it in between us for now. 

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