Plastic Surgery in Turkey with highest patient satisfaction

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Revital Clinical truly represents transformation, we genuinely believe the operations and treatments we offer, using the most talented and respected surgeons in Turkey, in the most impressive hospital available. In our aesthetic philosophy, we always prioritize natural appearance and patient health.

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Like a doctor in the family

Revital Clinical is a modern, tech-enabled healthcare consultation company transforming the plastic surgery experience. We ensure world-class care is always personal and ever in reach.

Too many resason and thousands of operations to consider us as your plastic surgeon

Dr Karaca has considerable experience in the field of Plastic Surgery having performed thousands of procedures.

  • Proven results for the natural look and beauty
  • Fastest recovery using the best techniques and experience
  • Aftercare and follow up for each patient
Plastic Surgery
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Hair transplantation with maximum care and grafts

Under the supervision of Dr Karaca, our team applies maximum graft per session.

  • Experienced team with superb results
  • Tailored and planned, boutique operation
  • Superb organization and aftercare
Hair Transplantation
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Whether you want a healthy and beautiful smile or have extensive restorative needs

Dr Birkalan provide you with an accurate diagnosis and beautiful, long-lasting restorations for your teeth.

  • Proven results
  • Using only the best materials
  • Great aftercare and follow up
Dental Aesthetics
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What we do?

More control and greater overview for your operations

Revital Clinical is your guide for positive results and reliable plastic surgery.Your choice of elective treatments is important to us from the outset. Revital Clinical believes this is a journey you undertake with us not just using our services.


Professional Service

We have years of experience and we know what you want.


Effective Operation

We follow up all your processes from day one.



We keep things digital and easy.


Always in reach

Chat with our staff for quick answers to your questions.